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SolarEdge Home Gateway Troubleshooting

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We know sometimes dealing with different programs and companies can be challenging. We want to do our best in helping you with these types of things. This is the Solar Edge Trouble shooting guide. We will cover a broad way to trouble shoot with Solar Edge. This is not a solution for everyone, but we hope that this helps someone. If you still need further help feel free to call us on our customer service line (559) 228 - 0229.

SolarEdge Monitoring Site number is 510-498-3200

SolarEdge Monitoring

How to Re-Pair a Home Gateway 

1. The Gateway should be located in the same area as your internet router.

2. Ensure the gateway is plugged into the router using an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet port on the Gateway should light up when connected to the internet. 

3. Check which lights are on/flashing on the Gateway. 

    a. S_OK: A green light will display when the Gateway is able to connect to the SolarEdge servers.

    b. Link: An orange light will flash once every five seconds when it is communicating with the inverter (usually the source of the problem). 

    c. Signal bars: Three solid greens lights to indicate the signal strength -


4. Repair the Home Gateway by pressing the red button for 5-10 seconds and release when all the lights turn on. The lights will begin to flash in sequence for 2-3 minutes. 

5. Repeat step 3 if the S_OK or the Link light is not performing as stated above. If the Link light remains off, disconnect the gateway from the router and bring it to an AC power supply closer to the inverter and repeat step 3. Once the Link light flashes, you can connect the Gateway to the router.

Now all the lights should be on. 

6. If issues still persist, call the Lifestyle Solar Office at 559-228-0229 for support. 

* If the technician can re-establish connection following these steps then a $99 service fee will be applied for the central valley and $145 service fee for the San Jose area