On a mission to make energy affordable

Affordable for all communities

Flexibility for all lifestyles

Dependable for the future

Established in Fresno, California, 2007

We are building a cleaner future for everyone by making solar energy affordable and accessible to all. Started in Fresno, California in 2007, we saw the need to provide affordable energy to the underserved communities who did not have the financing needed for solar. We've built our business helping our underserved local communities, and expanded our solutions for residential homebuilders, commercial grid services, EV chargers, and storage solutions.

Recognized by Sierra Club
Our Recongition

Interviewed by the Sierra Club, We continue to install solar since 2007 from humble beginnings.

We're a Women Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise (WBE/MBE)

Expanding Low Income Solar
Our Goals

We've installed over 200 low Income housing units in the Central Valley.

We will increase low income housing deployment, energy storage deployments and volunteering hours for a better community.

Passing Green Savings to you
Our Green Infrastructure

Our office is powered by our large 200 KW solar system.

Warehouses are powered by electric forklifts and green recycling practices.

Our vehicle fleets contains 50% of 40 Miles Per Gallen (MPG) or higher vehicles, and with a combined fleet of 30 MPG+

Our Customers
14,000+ and Counting

We reached over 14,000 customers in 2023.

Thank you for letting us take responsibility of your solar system and being a part of your home.

Don't just take our word for it

Our team follows through to deliver projects on time and on budget, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Quy Le


“Lifestyle Solar has done a wonderful job with my home. I locked in my electricity rate for the next 20 years at a fixed rate of 40% less than my old bill. Installation was quick and Lifestyle Solar updated me every step of the way. I even designed my system a little larger than my actual usage to help offset any future increases in electricity use. Lifestyle had the lowest prices and found them through my clients. I would recommend Lifestyle Solar to my friends.”

Robert Kolstad


Lifestyle Solar just finished a 56-panel solar installation on my home remodel and did a fantastic job! From the initial mapping and calculating, to panel attachment and wiring--I am very satisfied with their work. I highly recommend this company and would hire them again!”

Jason Gobeli


What an awesome company. Not only great people and a professional crew but they save me $$THOUSANDS$$ yearly on my solar. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

Greg Seidel


“Thank you for the wonderful job in the installation of my solar system at my residence in Fresno. Lifestyle Solar’s attention to details was first rate: they explained the process every step of the way and were very patient as we changed modified the system. The design engineer was there during the installation, guiding his crews to ensure the panel setup was done to his own rigorous standards. My wife and I are very pleased with the results.”

Art Lancaster


This has been the best experience we’ve had so far, working with Lifestyle Solar is on time with their roughs, finishes, and one trade we don't have to worry about.