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Hardline Trouble Shooting Guide

Having a hard time with hardline? We got you!

We know sometimes dealing with different programs and companies can be challenging. We want to do our best in helping you with these types of things. This is the Hardline Trouble Shooting Guide. We will cover a broad way to trouble shoot with Solar Edge. This is not a solution for everyone, but we hope that this helps someone. If you still need further help feel free to call us on our customer service line (559) 228 - 0229.

Locus Monitoring site number : 866-303-5668

Hardline Troubleshooting Guide

1. Confirm that your CAT 5 cable coming from your inverter is connected to your router.

2. Confirm that connection has been established by checking your monitoring site. Depending on how long the site has been offline, it may take a day or 2.


Go to your inverter and press the green button. It may take a few seconds for the inverter to wake up. The first display will have <S_OK> on it.

3. If you were unable to establish connection, power cycle your inverter and then your router/modem. See next page for how to turn off your inverter

4. If you are still unable to see any connection, call Lifestyle Solar at 559-228-0229 for assistance. Please have photos ready to email or text so they can confirm the completed steps.

* If the technician can re-establish connection following these steps then a $99 service fee will be applied for the central valley and $145 service fee for the San Jose area.