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Enphase Monitoring Troubleshooting Guide

Having trouble with enphase monitoring?

We know sometimes dealing with different programs and companies can be challenging. We want to do our best in helping you with these types of things. This is the Enphase Monitoring Troubleshooting Guide. We will cover a broad way to trouble shoot with Enphase Monitoring. This is not a solution for everyone, but we hope that this helps someone. If you still need further help feel free to call us on our customer service line (559) 228 - 0229.

Enphase Monitoring site number: 877-797-4743

Enphase Monitoring Troubleshooting Guide

1. Confirm you still have an internet connection and none of the monitoring equipment has been unplugged or relocated. If you have recently changed internet service providers or obtained a new router/modem, this may be the cause of the disconnection.

2. Check and confirm the Envoy and the modem/router have power.

3. Confirm the Envoy power source is plugged directly into a wall outlet. 

4. Confirm the Envoy is connected to the modem/router with an Ethernet cable. Check that the Ethernet cable between the Envoy and the router is connected at both ends. You may need to remove and reconnect the cable, making sure the connector locks into place (listen for a click). 

5. After performing these troubleshooting steps, check the display on the Envoy. If the Envoy displays +Web, the Internet connection is reestablished and the system status in Enlighten should reset to Normal within 15 minutes. 

6. If -Web is still displayed, use the menu button ( on the right side of the Envoy) to select "Get New IP address", and allow about 60 seconds for the new IP address to display.

7. If issues persist, please contact Lifestyle Solar for support at (559) 228-0229.