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Getting Started

What to do after your solar system is installed

Before anything CONGRATULATIONS on your new home solar system! If you are unsure about what to do now with your new solar system then you have come to the right place. Below is a guide on your next steps with your solar system.

Getting Started With Your New Solar System

Your New Solar System

Congratulations on your new home! Let's complete the next steps and learn how to care for your system.


1. Set up your new utility account with the Electric Utility Company. 

2. Email your first utility bill to along with your

account number, name on account, address, service account number, and meter number (located on your meter in which a photo can be taken and sent

to us) 

3. E-Sign the Solar Agreement emailed to you from Lifestyle Solar. 

4. Completion of activation (aka Permit to Operate or PTO) may take 2-4

months. Check with your utility company for the most current timelines. 

5. Email us all pages of your first month's utility bill to We will set up a baseline for comparison of your monthly production and usage.

IMPORTANT: Any missed or incorrect items may delay your activation process


1. Create an online account with your utility company to view your usage, balance, and statement. For PG&E, visit or for SCE, visit 

2. Your monthly statement will include:

  • Your energy usage versus your solar system production 
  • Estimated charges at True-Up. These charges are computed monthly, but aren't billed until the end of the true-up period in which you'll get billed for net overages or receive a statement credit. For more details regarding True-Up, contact your utility company 

3. We strongly advise to be familiar with your net usage and estimated True-Up

amounts to prevent any surprises at the end of your annual true-up period


View your system performance by logging into your Lifestyle Energy account at or via the SolarEdge app

Solar panel cleaning is not required for performance. However, if you elect to clean your panels, please use the following tips:

  • Spray with hose water to rinse off dust and debris from ground level 
  • DO NOT brush your panels with any type of abrasive cleaner. 
  • DO NOT use any cleaning solvents as it will damage the panel coating and

may decrease performance.

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