Solar Panel Maintenance: Everything You Should Know When Having Solar

Everything you should know about solar panel maintenance. Besides the occasional panel cleaning, there's very little else!

Congratulations on bringing your home cleaner, and less expensive power. Your solar system is a great investment for the next 25 years or more, but some love can help maximize their peak efficiency.

Do Solar Panels need to be maintained?

One of the perks of going solar is that your system is extremely easy to maintain and essentially worry-free. In fact, you might even forget you have it sometimes! However, there may be times when it needs to be cleaned or serviced. Over time, dust and other particles tend to build up on your solar panels, causing them to generate less power. Here are some do’s and don’ts for maintaining your solar system:

  • Do stand on the ground and spray your panels with a hose.
  • Do ensure that trees near your solar system do not shade the panels.
  • Do monitor your power production via the system monitoring software.
  • Do spray your solar panels with water in the morning or at night.
  • Don’t spray your panels with coldwater on a hot day.
  • Don’t use any abrasive cleaners or anything that can scratch your panels.
  • Don’t attempt to service or repair your solar panels.
  • Don’t disassemble or remove any part of your solar system.
  • Don’t turn your solar system off or on without contacting us first.
Ground Mounted System Vs Roof Mounted System:

If you have a ground mounted system, we recommend you monitor your solar production more closely. Dirt accumulates faster than roof mounted system.

How does extreme weather impact your solar system?

Our solar system are designed to be durable and stand up to weather in California. You'll be glad to know your solar panels are designed to survive against hail, rain, snow, lightning, and potentially hurricanes. In general, the hotter the weather, the less efficient and less power your system will produce. We work with you to maximize the production vs aesthetics of your home during the design phase.

Can you monitor the health of your solar panels?

We have an integrated solar panel monitoring system that can track the individual production of your solar panels on a given day. We're automatically alerted if a panel brakes or if any other parts of your system goes down.

How to repair or replace your solar panels or inverter

If your system needs service, a professional solar technician will schedule a time to replace or diagnose your system. Replacement components maybe readily availible or shipped in. If your inverter is in the garage, we may ask for access.