Advantages of Solar Energy

This article will inform you on the advantages on solar, but also going solar with Lifestyle Solar. We provide advantages and perks that other solar company's cannot compare.

The lowest price for a solar panel system. Guaranteed.

One flat rate for your electricity that’s cheaper than PG&E. With PG&E, when you need to use more electricity you pay more for it. A lot more. Our low rates start at 7¢ per kWh for as much energy as your family needs.

Simple, easy, affordable.

If your electricity bill is higher than $150 per month, you likely pay 15¢ per kWh or more. Our rates start at just 7¢ per kWh. Take advantage now!

PG&E’s electricity rates are always going up: on average 6.7% a year.

With Lifestyle Solar, rates are fixed for the lifetime of your system.

On average, PG&E residential electric rates increase by 6.7% per year.

With Lifestyle Solar, you can lock in a fixed amount or small escalator.

We will beat any competitor’s offer.

We guarantee California homeowners the lowest prices for a residential solar installation. Take advantage of our cheap rates by getting a free quote.

No sun? No problem.

We guarantee electricity production for up to 25 years. Rain or shine.

Proactive Monitoring

We build high-quality systems and stand behind our products. We guarantee the electrical output of your system or we'll pay you back. Our engineers remotely monitor your system to ensure optimal electricity production for the entire system life of 25 years. To date, our systems have a 99.9% uptime. There are no disadvantages in going solar!

Always-on Utility Power

Your system is always connected to your utility provider for additional power if you need it, day or night.

Put your carbon footprint on a diet

The average solar home saves 225 tons of greenhouse gases over a system's lifetime.

That's the equivalent of:

  • Planting 123 Trees
  • Not driving 123,456 miles

When you go solar you're not just saving money, you're saving fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gases. Become part of the green solution with no disadvantage!

Solar power increases the value of your home

The average California solar home's value increases by $24,600

Take advantage of solar energy to increase your home value, tax-free: A study at UC Berkeley revealed that a 3.1 kW solar system could increase home value by $17,000. Similarly, the National Bureau of Economic research found that solar systems increase home prices by 3-4% over their neighbors’.