10 Things to know about Solar Panels (Photovolatic PV Systems)

Here are ten things about solar that will help you with your overall knowledge and its benefits.

1.Solar Panels = Savings!

It is no secrete at this point that the number one reason to go solar is to save money on rising utility bills. So, I guess the question here is, how does that happen and how much is the savings? Savings for solar happens a couple of ways. First off, solar panels produce its own energy from the sun resulting in you using less of the grid's energy and boom you are paying less for utilities. The next way you save is if you are overproducing on energy then you can sell the energy back to the utility companies and they will pay you! So that is like a double savings with saving on energy than getting paid. Lastly, if you qualify you can save with the Federal Tax Credit. The Federal Solar Tax Credit, also known as investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of your solar energy system with no cap from your Federal taxes if purchased in 2021. The percentages allowed for the tax credit downgrades in following years, so now is the time to buy.

2.Solar Panels Add Value

On top of all the savings solar panels bring, they also bring value to your property. Whether it is a business or a home, once solar panels are added the value goes up. The way that solar panels ad value is that it is an upgrade to the home with energy efficiency. It is like adding a better engine to a car, if two cars look exactly the same the one with the better engine will be more expensive because of the upgrade on the engine. Same goes for homes, a home that has solar panels now as an added value to it and that is energy efficiency and the ability for the homeowner to save.

3.Durability - 25 Years

The durability on solar panels are tremendous. Although solar panels do get less and less efficient after time goes by, but the decrease in efficiency is very minimal. Even an older system of 20-25 years will still be a high producer of energy. The only time solar panels do not feel super efficient is when families grow in size or the energy being used in the home increases than solar system should be increased as well. Let your system grow with you or you will out grow your system.

4.Maintenance Free

Solar Panels are not only durable, but the maintenance on solar panels are next to none. The only two things that need to be done is an occasional clean to keep dust and dirt build up. The second thing is making sure that they do not get covered by a trees. Keeping them exposed to sun rays.

5.Reduce Carbon Foot

Speaking bigger picture the number one reason solar is so great is that it is great for our environment. In a high pollution society having solar as the main power supply significantly reduces your home carbon foot, which ultimately helps everyone.

6.How they are made

The large solar panels you see on homes and businesses are made of a bunch of solar cells (or photovoltaic cells) made of silicon semiconductors that absorb sunlight and create an electric current. These individual cells are connected together to make one solar panel.

7.Solar Without Sun

The technical answer to the question does solar work without sun? is yes, but not as well as it does with direct sun light. This does not mean you do not have power during cloudy days, rain, and night. Since solar works very efficiently during the day when night time or cloudy days roll around is when net metering, solar batteries, & solar storages come into play. These items will pull the excess energy that was stored through out the sunny days to produce power. Important to note that solar batteries are an additional cost to a solar system. In addition, having a bigger system is recommended when wanting to store more energy.

8.Things to consider

Some things to consider about solar panels before going solar are your homes roof condition, how you will pay for it, and what solar company to go with it. The rule of the thumb on the last one is go with a solar company that is friendly, responsive, and informative. Lifestyle Solar is a perfect choice for example.

9.The Tech is Versatile

Solar is a very versatile piece of tech that is being used in all kinds of different ways. It is put on spaceships, cars, carports, light pools, and much more. Solar makes any energy reliable object self efficient and less grid dependent. Its establishment with other fields confirms that solar panels are a very trustworthy piece of technology.


When going solar you will need permission to operate by your utility company so consider when going solar that the company does that for you. Lifestyle Solar does the ground work for you on this portion, so filling out your information so that we can handle it for you is crucial to turning your system on as fast as possible so that you can start saving.