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Lease and PPA Transfer Service - Lifestyle Energy

If you are moving from your home and have solar here is what you do!

So you are moving and need to know what to do with your solar system. You have a few options, but this particular article is about how to transfer your solar to the new homeowner of your home. You will need both yourself and the buyer to complete this process. The forms below will need to be printed out, filled out, and then turned into us here at Lifestyle Solar. Fill free to print out these applications to fill them out and send them in to Lifestyle Solar.

How to start the process

The best way to start is to submit your request at

  • Please remember to attach documents so we can process the request without delays
  • You can also call 559-228-0229 and speak to any of our customer service representatives
  • Fill out our form and email to  

Lease/PPA Transfer FAQ

What is the filing fee?

There is no cost or filing fee.

NOTE These forms do not have to be filled out in a particular order, but all three do need to be completely filled when turning them in.

After documents have been turned in we will review the completed documents and confirm everything is correct and valid. Until then the lease will not be considered officially transferred until our approval.

Consumer Credit Application

This is the consumer credit application that will be filled out by the buyer.

ACH Deposit Form

This form will be filled out by the buyer.

Solar Lease Transfer Agreement

This application will need to be filled out by both homeowner and buyer. it is easiest for homeowner to fill out, but both signatures must be present at the bottom of the document.

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