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On behalf of Lifestyle Solar, we would like to congratulate and welcome you to your new home! We are excited to start working with you and providing you with clean efficient energy.

Thank you again for choosing your home with Crown Homes & Welcome To The Good Life!

Here's How To Activate Your System After You Move In

1. Provide a copy of your latest utility bill under your correct account name (page 1-3 of your utility bill). It may take from 4-6 weeks to receive your first bill from your new home so you may send this in once you received it. Feel free to take pictures and securely send it to us via our ShareFile link a safe and secure file sharing program.

2. E-sign the Documents sent from your Utility Company (the timeframe to receive these Documents will vary).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Solar System Is Operating Properly?

You can check your solar system's energy production reading your utility bill monthly & you also have the option to upgrade to cellular monitoring.

Will my solar system produce energy at night?

No. Your solar system can only produce power when receiving light from the sun. For night use, you will be relying on your utility company to provide you power. Your solar production during the days has been designed to balance out this usage.

Can I increase the size of my solar system?

Increasing your solar system size is not possible at this time. Please contact your solar contractor for more information.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a way of measuring the difference between the power you purchase from your utility company and the power your home's solar system produces. With net metering, any surplus electricity your solar system produces is channeled back to the utility grid, spinning your meter backward. When your system produces more electricity than your home uses, the utility company may credit your account for the extra power generated.

Why do I still have an electric bill?

When your system was designed, it was guaranteed to produce as certain kWh amount annually as listed in your contract. A remaining bill may indicate your usage has increased since going solar and is using more power.

What is Time-Of-Use (TOU)?

Time-of-use is a rate plan in which rates vary according to the time of day, season, and day type (weekday or weekend/holiday). Higher rates are charged during the peak demand hours and lower rates during off-peak (low) demand hours.How to customize formatting for each rich text

Does the solar system turn off during blackouts?

Yes. It shuts down for the safety of PG&E workers working on the line. Unless, you have a backup battery. The breaker to the solar system may need to be turned back on after blackout.

What happens if I sell my home?

If the system is purchased then the solar system will be added to the value of your home and typically homes with solar are sold more quickly.

What is the maintenance on solar panels?

Good news! Solar panel maintenance is very minimal and easy to do. All solar panels require is a little dusting or watering off. Either use a leaf blower or a common garden hose to clean off your panels. If your panels are tilted, rain will do this work for you. Typically, recommended to clean 2-4 times a year.

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